Fair Employment And Housing Act (feha) Claims Processes

FEHA claims and hearings usually deal with sexual harassment and other discrimination suits in California.

FEHA or the Fair Employment and Housing Act, is a statute of California which provides protection from employment discrimination based on race, color, national origin, religion, marital status, sex, age and medical condition.

It is a powerful statute that is often used in conjunction with existing federal discrimination laws.

Although it is mostly the same as its federal counterparts, it provides discrimination and harassment victims better avenues in pursuing their claim.

Aside from providing better avenues, it also provides stiffer penalties or punishments that are often not included in the federal discrimination laws.

Some of those are the imposition of attorney fee awards and reimbursement of case related costs.

The FEHA, together with California state laws, also allow the award of punitive damages if the victims are able to prove that corporate directors, officers or managers committed acts of discrimination and harassment, or if they have cultivated a culture where discrimination and harassment is allowed.

Filing a FEHA Claim

Whether youre are seeking to initiate an investigation or filing a lawsuit for harassment or discrimination, the process usually starts with the victim filing a complaint to the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing.

The California Department of Fair Employment and Housing is the governing body that enforces the FEHA laws.

The statute of limitation for this type of claim is one year from the incident of harassment or discrimination.

The California Supreme Court though, gave consideration to employees who try to resolve the discrimination issue within the internal grievance and remedy system of the company before filing a FEHA complaint.

The decision was made to remove the confusion on whether the employee should consider resolving the issue internally or just skip it altogether and just file a FEHA complaint to avoid going past the statute of limitation.

Getting a Lawyer

Pursuing a FEHA claim can be very complicated. Choosing whether you would file with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) or the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing Act can be confusing.

Filing to either can be useful in investigating discrimination and harassment charges to alert the employer that they should review their policies and do something to curb the problem

If it is a case of wrongful termination though, it would be somewhat useless to report to either agency.

Neither agency has the power to reinstate you to your job or make the employers pay for their unlawful conduct.

Most employment law attorneys advise their clients to use the right to sue system, where you forego the investigation, and move on to filing a civil liability suit against the employer.

This would prove to be a faster route to getting a conclusion on your claim.

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The Benefits of Living in a Condominium

Condominium living is an alternative way of life for people who want their own place. Condominium units are quite popular among small families and single professionals. These units present an unusual lifestyle for people. For one thing, it is less expensive than purchasing real estate and building a house from scratch. There are also some things that a normal house can’t offer like twenty four hour security, guarded parking, clubhouses, swimming pools and the like.

There are several types of condominiums out there. Each is different and satisfies different needs and wants. There are condominium townhouses and condominium apartments which have small differences aside from the ownership regulations and structure. There are also those called freehold townhouses which have slight variations from the others. Whichever type a condominium may be, do not forget that the common factor is that they are very different from a normal house, which most people may be used to.

There is a certain dual nature comes with owning a condominium unit. Although the owners have prime ownership of their personal units, the common areas are a shared responsibility. These common areas are the lobby, the stairwell, the elevators, the parking lot and the different amenities of the condominium complex. Of course, with shared responsibility come rules and regulations.

Living in panama condos may seem difficult to imagine if you’re not used to it but choosing to live in one does have its advantages.First, it’s generally cheaper than a house. There are also amenities that do not usually come with a house like a pool, hot tub, gym and the like. You also become part of a community in which you become an important part of in decision making.

Of course, there are restrictions to living in panama apartments and condos like pets and barbecues. There are also rules that have to be followed unlike in a normal house. In settings like these, neighbors are just a wall apart and their rights must be respected too.

Although not as traditional as normal houses, condominiums can also be called panama homes. You just have to get used to the living conditions and you wouldn’t even feel that restricted.

The Architecture And Configuration Of J2me Application Development

J2ME or also know as Java ME is a platform that is specifically designed for application development to run on mobile phones, PDAs and other embedded systems. J2ME development features an adaptable user interface, which integrates with network protocols and extends support for mobile application development. The mobile applications that are developed on J2ME can be also migrated across various different mobile devices. J2ME application developers create a variety of different mobile applications based on the customized requirements of the clients. They are experience in creating diverse mobile solutions and hence most clients prefer to outsource their mobile business applications to India.

J2ME Architecture and configuration
J2ME comprises of configurations and profiles that allow a developer to customize it for the Java Runtime Environment (JRE). The configuration defines the JVM used and the profile adds domain-specific classes to define the application.

Configurations: The configuration uses a set of core classes and a specific JVM to define the basic run-time environment. The configurations are of two types where one is called CLDC for handheld devices and the second one is CDC for plug-in devices. CLDC is has been developed for 16-bit or 32-bit small computing devices that have limited memory. CDC requires a 32-bit architecture and has at least 2 MB of memory and implements a functional JVM.

Profiles: A profile comprises of classes that allow J2ME application developers to execute features that are typically available on a group of small computing devices. The profiles used with CLDC are mobile information device profile (MIDP) and PDA profile (PDAP). The profiles used with CDC include Foundation Profile, Game Profile, Personal Profile, Personal Basis Profile and RMI Profile.

J2ME Architecture
The J2ME architecture consists of five layers and they are as follows:

MIDP: This is the topmost layer and consists of Java APIs. J2ME application developers use these APIs to create network connections, storage, and user interface. It also provides access to CLDC libraries and MIDP libraries.
J2ME APIs: This is the profile that comprises of a minimum set of application programming interfaces required for the small computing devices.
Configurations: This is responsible to manage the interactions between the JVM and the profile.
Operating System: This is the bottom layer.

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